Friday, November 20, 2020

Why I Quilt

 Gratitude Week ~ Day 1

Russell M. Nelson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, shared a special message of hope and healing today.  He said that being grateful can make a big difference in our lives and encouraged us to use social media to express our gratitude for one week.  

Today I am especially grateful for my family.  I love being a wife and mother.  It comes with many challenges, but even more rewards.  My family is the greatest source of joy in my life.  I quilt for them to express my love for them.  I want them to know the comfort of a quilty hug from a quilt made with love in every stitch.  I want them to experience the joy of playing on, under, and in handmade quilts.  

I love this picture.  I took my large apple quilt out to the backyard one Sunday afternoon so Miss Kitty and I could enjoy the shade.  Pretty soon the entire family joined me on the quilt.  See that empty space on the right?  That is where I was laying down.  See that floral tied blanket?  My grandmother made it for me when I was little.  

My three middle children love making quilt forts.  This is the biggest, sturdiest one that they made this year.  The quilts cover two six foot tables.  I love the two heads peeking out along with a pair of feet.  

Miss Bunny loves playing peek-a-boo in her minky blankets and quilts.  I love her happy giggling self.  

I almost didn't share this picture, but it is too cute to resist.  Miss Kitty loves playing on colorful quilts.  Here is one year of Kitty on quilts.  She has brought so much joy into our home.  

What are you grateful for today?  



  1. Children are a blessing of the Lord. Nothing better than family! Love seeing yours today. Have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. I can think of no better reason to quilt, Jasmine. I'm so glad your family clearly appreciates, loves, and joyfully uses your quilts. <3

  3. So very glad you shared both pics, the one of your family all sprawled on the quilt and one snuggled under your grandma's, and the 12 months of dear Miss Kitty. :-) Family brings me much joy too.


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