Friday, February 19, 2016

Teal and Green Race: A Finished Quilt

This is another one of my stash busting quilts.  I actually cut out the kit for it when I was cutting out fabrics for Cheetah's Eagle Project.  I pieced the quilt top one day when I needed a break from packing.  It felt good to finish a flimsy (or two) during that crazy time.

All of these strips were cut out at 6 inches wide, but then the strips were cut in half along the fold. I used about thirty half strips, sewing them together like a jelly roll race.  However, after the first two long seams (four rows together), I cut the top in thirds so that there would be twelve rows.

I was going to try a different quilting design, but the long arm kept skipping stitches when I moved the machine away from me.  This loopy spiral seemed to work better.

After talking to some people, I believe that the machine isn't in perfect timing.  I didn't have that problem when using a size 18 needle (this was quilted with a size 16 needle).  It was suggested that when moving the machine backwards the smaller needle was pushed a little forwards by the movement causing the stitches to skip.  Even with the challenges, I still think it turned out pretty good.

I added the green to this quilt because that is what I had enough of for the backing.

I actually used a blue Aurifil thread for the needle.

And I used a green Aurifil thread for the bobbin.

The tension was good and it isn't too noticeable because they were about the same value.  (I don't like using a dark thread for one and a light thread for other.  That would be a lot more noticeable.)

The binding is scrappy using some of the teal fabrics from the top.

It really was a fun fast quilt to make.   I will also be donating this one somewhere sometime this year.  :)

Quilt Stats #175
Name: Teal and Green Race
Pattern: Race Quilt Variation
Fabric: From my old stash
Amount Used: 6 yards
Batting: Mountain Mist Polyester
Size: About 54 x 66 inches
Date Finished: February 2016
What I learned:
  • I learned more about the timing on the Fusion.  
  • I really do love fast finishing quilt.

Next, I have another stash busting quilt to share.


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out to see what other quilters have been making.


  1. That looks really stunning in front of the white gazebo!

  2. That bright colors are very pretty and I love the added green!

  3. Your colors are great, Jasmine. Sounds like you have been busy but at least you are adding in a little fun to all the busyness! Great finish!

  4. Thanks for sharing - such great stash busting quilts you make! Lovely photos, lovelier work :)

  5. now that's a cool quilt to make fairly quickly for a gift. You are good with that machine girl! The new house looks wonderful. Bet you can hardly wait


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