Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blue and Green Race: A Finished Quilt

This is another stash busting quilt that I cut out last August, pieced last December, and finished this month.  I used my calculations for race quilts just like my previous quilt.

I decided to keep the strips the whole width of fabric (except for the first strip).  I think I prefer the half the width of fabric on quilts this size.  Either way, it is a fun fast quilt to make.

I quilted it on my mom's fusion and used a ruler for the first time on a long arm.

It felt very different from using a ruler on my sit down machine.  However, the more I used it, the better it looked.  I used the ruler in each section of the quilt, then went back and filled in the large spiral.

I was using a size 18 needle, and I didn't have any problems with skipping stitches.  However, the thread kept breaking if I quilted too far from the right to the left on the big spirals.  I am still learning the ins and outs of my mom's Fusion.  It is nice learning on fast quilts like this, which will be donated somewhere sometime this year.

The quilting design was inspired by one of Christina Cameli's designs in her book, Step-by-Step Free Motion Quilting.

The quilting design was so large (the strips finish at 5.5 inches wide) that the quilting on this lap quilt took less than two hours.

The backing is pieced using some leftover green fabric from an old border and yardage.

That green stripe came from Milky Way, my 19th quilt, finished in 2004.

The binding on this quilt used two different blues because I didn't have enough of either one.

I really am so pleased with how this quilt turned out.

Quilt Stats #176
Name: Blue and Green Race
Pattern: Race Quilt Variation
Fabric: Blues and Greens from my old stash
Amount Used: 6 yards
Batting: Mountain Mist Polyester
Size: About 54 x 66 inches
Date Finished: February 2016
What I learned:

  • I can use a ruler on the long arm.  

P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for great inspiration.  


  1. Great finish, Jasmine! Learning to use a ruler is a challenge, and it sounds like this was a great learning quilt for you. I really like how you came back in and filled the space with large swirls, it looks fantastic.

    Due to physics, I have heard and experienced for myself that moving right to left is the hardest on the needle / thread combination. If I break thread on my long arm, it is *always* when I make a fast transition from going left to right to right to left. Well, assuming everything else is OK. :) So I have learned to go a bit slower through that transition. I still break thread going that way on occasion, but being mindful of it has really reduced the issue for me.

  2. My longarm doesn't like to go right to left either, have to go super slow to do it. Your quilting looks great!

  3. These are great finishes! I think each quilting machine has its own mind and direction!

  4. A fantastic finish and great practice on the LA. I have to remember to try the swirl like you did within a wavy line. I too like the WOF pieces for these quilts with that width of strip.

  5. Your quilting looks great - nice work with the ruler and the design really complements the piecing.

  6. Jasmine, it looks great! I really like the idea of using a ruler to do the curved lines and then filing in with the spirals. I love watching your skills progress as you use the long arm! Quilting a quilt that size in less than 2 hours is amazing! Do you think you could have done it that quickly on your sit down? I think I know the answer to that but I have to ask ;)

  7. A curved ruler is on my list of "have to buy" items. What brand is this one? I've only ever freehanded curves before. Love ruler work, and you're right, it takes a bit to get the hang of it. Love the pic in the gazebo! :-)

  8. I love how the quilting looks like big ocean waves, especially on the green and blue fabrics! I love that size of quilt, they are perfect for practicing new quilting techniques on!

  9. Fantastic quilt and LOVE the quilting. Thanks for showing the technique, though your star ability is what makes it work!

  10. Very soothing colors, very neat quilting. You make it look effortless.

  11. I love the quilting on this one...thanks for the tutorial...I was very curious.

  12. What a great design for a quick finish. These turned out great!


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