Monday, February 1, 2016

Four: A Mini Quilt

I recently finished this mini quilt which I started at Quilt Bliss last November.  It was from a class teaching four different methods to applique circles.

It was pretty boring until I added the quilting.  I love the texture from the quilting!

I used a Hobbs 80/20 batting and Aurifil thread in gray and aqua.  I quilted spirals on the circles with the walking foot on my Pfaff, and then quilted stacked swirls in the background.

I stitched the binding down by hand to the back using a ladder stitch, and I love the simple mini.


P.S.  Thanks to everyone who has wished me well with the move and building a house.  I have been spending as much time as possible in my temporary sewing room, but haven't had much time for the computer.  I have a few more finishes I hope to share soon.  :)

My craft room is the bonus room over the garage.


  1. You have circles and I have circles. Makes me smile. Your quilting adds so much oomph and pizzaz to the mini. What is the size of the finished quilt?
    I see the big window for lots of natural light.
    Hugs to you, Preeti.

  2. Lovely! (Both the house and the quilt. ;D ) It's so much fun watching a house grow! Have they estimated when it will be ready for you?

  3. Your quilting definitely made the mini. It just seems proper for time at the sewing machine to win over time at the computer :) though I'll be watching for more lovely finishes when your computer asserts itself a little more!

  4. Yep that quilting adds a ton of texture and movement! Glad the house is coming along smoothly.

  5. The quilting adds so much to the mini. I still need to quilt and finish mine up as well. I am excited to see how much progress your home build has made, and I am glad you are finding time to sew; blogging can always come later!

  6. Your quilting is just so lovely! It is great seeing what you have been up to. It will be exciting to have a new sewing space :)

  7. Great job, Jasmine! And very cool! Love the quilting! Funny, I've been working on appliqué this week too but TOTALLY different. I don't like cutting out all the appliqué shapes. Love your little mini and your house is coming right along. I can tell it will be beautiful!

  8. Nice swirls on your mini! And wow look at that house coming together!! What an exciting time for you, I can hardly wait to come see it:-D Did I just invite myself over, LOL

  9. Your quilting never ceases to amaze me! I can't wait for you to be in your new house to enjoy all the new opportunities you will have. Mischelle

  10. your new quilting room looks to be an amazing space. Love the quilting on that mini!

  11. The quilting certainly does make it beautiful!
    Glad you are still sewing. It must seem like forever waiting for a home to be built!

  12. Oh, wow, your house is coming right along! As a fellow appreciator of texture, you're right about the mini coming alive under the needle - much better! :-)


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