Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another Stash Busting Finish

This is a stash busting quilt made using my Calculations for Race Quilt Variations.  I sewed the pieces together randomly, but cut it in half before sewing the last seam.  That way I could rotate half of it and keep the darker fabrics more evenly balanced.

The strips on this quilt were cut out at 5.5 inches so that it would be 80 inches long.  That made it so I could use an old four yard piece of fabric I had for the backing.

I just cut the piece in half and sewed it together.  The pattern was so busy that you can't really see the seam.  I like that it makes the quilt reversible depending on which side the recipient likes best.  The floral really is prettier up close.

I quilted it with an open feather design on my Tiara.

I used an older polyester batting which was more difficult to use, but I wanted use it up for this donation quilt.  It sure does make the quilting stand out.

My mom had the perfect dusty purple fabric for the binding.  I like the subtle color it adds to the top.

This will not be the last chunky race quilt I make.  I already have two more planned for more stash busting.

Quilt Stats #197
Name:  Ivory Race
Pattern: Race Quilt Variation
Fabric Used:  Creams and light tans from old stash
Backing:  Old Hoffman floral
Amount Used:  9.5 yards
Batting:  Medium loft Polyester
Size:  About 70 x 80 inches
Date Finished:  January 2017

This quilt will be donated to the local women and children's crisis center.  They like receiving twin sized quilts.


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for more quilty inspiration.


  1. The binding is a great way to coordinate the front with the back and add a bit of color to the ivory top. I really like how the feathers are more organic across the quilt top. :)

  2. I love your feathers and this size of quilt. Looks great!

  3. Beautiful quilting Jasmine! I like the neutral colors in this one.

  4. I really like your feathers! I do agree the poly bats are not so fun to quilt, but I too use them for the donation quilts.

  5. A lovely quilt and extra nice that it is being donated! I just finished a quilt for my MIL with poly batting. My goodness, was that a bear to work with compared to cotton batting! Heavy and tricky to baste! But, as with your quilt, it did finish fluffy! I notice you are using the stitch regulator. I just have not been able to get into a rhythm with mine. It makes such strange noises as it regulates. But I really should practice with it more!!

  6. Great charity quilt finish! I really like the quilting. :-)


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