Monday, January 30, 2017

Bernina Q24 Longarm

Meet the new addition to my craft room/studio:  a Bernina Q24 Longarm quilting machine.  Technically, this is my mom's machine, but it has come to live at my house.  She traded in her Handi Quilter Fusion and we decided that it might be better for her new longarm to be at my house instead of in her unfinished storage/furnace room.

After we decided to keep it at my house, I set up my room with a couple tables to see how I would like it with such a big item.

My Tiara moved closer to the door.

And my sewing cabinet moved closer to the quilt hanger/design wall area.

I am really enjoying the new layout in my room, especially because it means I can play with the longarm.

I loaded it up with some Kona White and Warm and White batting to give it a test drive.  I will be sharing the finished quilt later this week.

There are a lot of really nice features on the Bernina longarm, but my favorite is the completely adjustable handles.  I can move them very close to the quilt top so that it feels a lot more like when I am quilting on my sit down machine.  It is pretty awesome.

My mom did get the compterized quilting to go with it, but we still have to learn how to use it.

Even though this takes up a lot of space in my room, I still plan on hosting my little quilting group.  Most of the time we will sew at the kitchen table and use the island for a cutting table.  It will be tighter than before, but there is still room for 1-2 people to sew in my room with me.



  1. Oh wow, Jasmine! I look forward to reading more about your thoughts on the new long arm and I hope you and your mom have a lot of fun quilting on it together!

  2. This is a lovely machine, having just test drove it at the Phoenix Quilt and Sew Show. Love that the thread is all up front and it uses standard needles. Have fun!!

  3. I test drove this one too at the quilt show! It was my favorite, mostly because of the moveable handles, but also because it was the most similar to my gammill. How do you like the using the standard needles in this machine?

  4. A new toy....Congratulations! In no time at all you will be a pro :)

  5. It looks like you got everything all situated nicely. You will have fun playing with a new toy.

  6. Nice congratulations, have great fun with it. May I ask where do you live? Which country? Thanks for your answer and time.
    Warm regards,

  7. I'm excited for you! I have a different computerized system and love being able to sew on another quilt top while it is quilting the one on the frame.

  8. WOW Bernina. That is like a Cadillac - no a Mercedes.
    I bet that is nice to work with, It is great that your mom encouraged you to set that up. Well, You might need to do some thinking and rearranging over the months and see how that works. I know I moved all of my sewing things to the room right off of the kitchen. I do have over flow and supplies upstairs, but it is nice to have my sewing office next to the cooking office and main family area. I am really excited about this.

  9. Oh, be still my heart!!! How exciting to have such a fantastic addition to your room. Even though it belongs to your Mom, I'm saying CONGRATS to you because, well, wow! I would definitely do some moving around of things to accommodate that beauty. Have fun!!!

  10. so exciting! I hope you both have lots of fun with it and can't wait to see how you get on it!

  11. Bernina was late to enter the longarm field but with their track record I am sure this will be a top-notch machine. I am so very glad when I upgraded in 2003 that I bought the (then) top of the line Bernina, a fabulous machine.

  12. Wahoooo!!! Your mom gojnd the perfect storage solution!! Enjoy!!!

  13. Looks like you have everything you could ever need now, lol. Enjoy :)

  14. Oh my!! Your quilting is getting so beautiful. It looks like so much Fun!!

  15. Hi! Wondering if you would mind sharing the dimensions of your sewing room and the width of your frame? I'm trying to figure out arrangements for my new bonus room sewing space and yours looks to be similar. Thank you!

    1. I believe my room is 14 feet wide. The room is 20 feet long plus a few extra feet by the door across from the closet.


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