Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Alissa's Mom's Quilt: Custom Quilting

This is the second quilt I helped Alissa make for a Christmas gift last year.  This one was a gift for her mom.  I shared the one she made for her dad last week.  I helped her make four others in 2015.

She saw a quilt with similar blocks online, but didn't see a pattern.  I drafted it out and did the quilty math for blocks finishing at 11 inches.  The quilt finished about 55 x 77 inches.

We purchased the fabric, cut it out, and decided on a layout together.  First we tried a random layout.  Then we tried a rainbow layout.  (Forgive the awful phone photos, but I think it helps to see both ways.)

You can see which one we liked better!  The rainbow layout made the colors sing.

Alissa did all of the piecing and I quilted it with an open feather design on my Tiara.

She decided on a pink minky for the backing.

She chose the bright blue for the binding which we also worked on together.

She was thinking about wrapping it up like a big Tootsie Roll for fun.

It was so much fun helping Alissa finish this quilt.



  1. You were right - I love this quilt! Rainbow fabrics have so much more order when like colors are placed together. I like order. But I bet you knew that! I am going to practice the open feathers and use them on a chunky race quilt this week. So excited to try this one!

  2. I like that you took the time to audition different layouts. The rainbow order really did let the colors sing. :)

  3. Great choice on the layout. It is such a bright happy quilt :)

  4. Good choice on the layout. IT does make the colors sing. I think your young friend is hooked :)

  5. Such a fun happy quilt, you did the right thing with your final layout.

  6. This looks great. It makes me happy that you are helping Alyssa.
    It is fun to do stuff together

  7. This is a very happy quilt! The Minky on the back looks great and I love the colors on the front. And the quilting is fabulous. That's a design I need to practice - I love the texture it gives to the quilt.

  8. Another beautiful quilt! I love the rainbow layout too and the quilt is just so bright and cheery :)

  9. What a darling cheerful quilt. I am sure the rainbow colors, the layout of the blocks and the minky backing combined with the lovely FMQ will cure all ills in the world - or at least those of the recipient.

  10. Very pretty. I love the rainbow, it's so happy! Nicely done you two!


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