Thursday, January 19, 2017

My New (to Me) WISP

I have missed having an ongoing hand sewing project since I finished my last WISP (work in slow progress).  So when my mother asked if I would finish her lone star quilt, I happily agreed.  She started it about 20 years ago, but it has sat untouched for quite a few years.  Her arthritis now makes it difficult for her to hand quilt.

She started out quilting just the outside tips of the diamonds a quarter inch in from the seams.

The entire star was quilted like that.  But then she decided she didn't like how unfinished it looked, so she started quilting the other half of the diamonds.

She did get a lot done before putting it away.  Wedding quilts for her children and baby quilts for new grandchildren took precedence.  This quilt is for her.

I told her that my goal is to finish the hand quilting the star over a period of eight weeks.  One week to hand quilt each of the eight big diamond making up the lone star.  That seems doable, right?

I have counted and there were 258 half diamonds for me to quilt, and I have already started.  :)  I am usually too tired for sewing in the evenings, but some hand quilting may be just right.

I will machine quilt the rest of the quilt after the hand quilting is all done.  My mom wants lots of feathers.  I better get sketching!



  1. Beautiful quilt, Jasmine. So thoughtful of you to finish the quilt for your mom.

  2. I was wondering what your next WISP was going to be, and this is perfect. I am so sure your mother is going to deeply appreciate your efforts. :)

  3. This is so sweet of you to do for your mother! Once you're done, can I send you my WISP? ;)

  4. How wonderful of you to help your mom finish this beauty up. It has been hidden away for far too long!

  5. That's a big undertaking of hand quilting, but so sweet of you to help your mom get her quilt finished! I know you will have lots of fun quilting feathers in the white areas. Lone star quilts are so pretty!

  6. It will be beautiful when you're finished, and it's lovely of you to finish it for your mom.. I think hand quilting in the evening is a perfect, low energy way to wind down. I need to get my daughter's quilt top done so I can start settling in with it in the evenings.

  7. That will be beautiful! It'll be a great collaboration between the two of you too :)

  8. This is truly gorgeous and so glad of the handquilting on it, both yours and your mum's! I have all the fabric to make one....from over 10 years ago! Fabric from a gift certificate I won from the LQS who sponsored an outdoor quilt show, and one of my quilts was chosen. Now I'm not so sure on the Lone Star, might modernize it a bit as I've seen over the past few years...seeing yours however makes me think it might not be so bad after all!

  9. So sweet of you! This is going to be gorgeous!

  10. Wow! Wha a big project to take on. Good for you. I have missed several of your entries and am overwhelmed at all the beautiful things you have posted. Your open feather quilting is beautiful. I want to try that. Did you make it up or is it shown somewhere? Your quilting is just so nice!

    1. Thanks, Dona! I have been keeping busy. Patsy Thompson has an Ultimate Feather class on Craftsy and she teaches that design. I think she calls it a plume based background fill, but I call it the open feather design because that is what I think of.


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