Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Alissa's Dad's Quilt: Custom Quilting

I had so much fun helping my friend, Alissa, make this quilt for her dad for Christmas.  We purchased the fabric together, cut it out together, and decided on a layout together.  She did all of the piecing and I did the quilting on my Tiara.  Then we did the binding together.

It is made using the Falling Charms pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company, but instead of precuts we used yardage.  We used a different number of blocks to make the quilt finish about 59 by 84 inches.  It was harder than expect to find sixteen different medium/dark masculine blues, but I think we succeeded in keeping it masculine.

I quilted it with a loopy spiral to soften all of the geometric angles.

She chose a gray minky for the back.

I always love how the quilting shows up on minky.

The binding was one of the dark blues.

I think it looks great in my living room, and I almost didn't want to let her take it away.  ;)

I always enjoy helping my friends finish quilts.



  1. You'll just have to make one for yourself. It does look good in your chair :)

  2. I love how many friends and family you work with in quilting, Jasmine. I hope that she and her dad are thrilled with the quilt!

  3. Great quilt! Blue is my favorite color, so I may be a little biased!

  4. Looks awesome, I love loopy quilting against all the squares in the pattern, great job.

  5. I think all quilts look good in your living room, LOL You both did an awesome job!

  6. You two make a wonderful team. The quilt looks great!

  7. Love it, it looks fabulous on the chair!! Maybe you need to make one for yourself??

  8. So many beautiful blues! It turned out beautifully :)


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