Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Quilt that Started it All

This is my mom's first quilt, or the quilt that started it all.  Without this quilt I wouldn't be the quilter I am today.

My mom picked out the fabrics and started it when my oldest brother was engaged.  (I was seven years old.)  She finished it three years later.  She cut it out with scissors after marking the pieces with plexiglass templates.  Then it was hand quilted on a Grace Frame.

It has been used and very well loved.

My brother brought it to my mom asking if it was possible to repair it.

I was thrilled to see it again.  The center of the quilt is in pretty good condition.  We may just need to trim off the borders and add a new binding.

When my mom finished her first quilt she became hooked on quilting.  She tried to pass her love of quilting on to her daughters.  While two of my three sisters have made a few quilts, I am the only one who really caught the bug.

And no, the grass at my mom's house is really not that green right now.  I took these pictures a while ago and am just now sharing them.  My sweet mother and her early quilts have been on my mind while I have worked on her Lone Star quilt.

It turns out that once I got started on this quilt that I just couldn't stop.   (I could have named this post "No Longer a WISP or UFO.") All of the hand and machine quilting is done.  I will have a finish to share later this week.  Here is a sneak peek.  My mom is so excited.

I am so grateful she started quilting and that it is something we still continue to do together today.  This is a picture of the two of us at the Handi Quilter Retreat we went to in March 2015.

I know that she hand quilted at least six queen size quilts and a few smaller ones.  I have pictures of one more of her early quilts.  This one was made for my second oldest sister.  It is a Heart and Home Log Cabin.

Isn't my mom amazing?



  1. Yes, absolutely! I just love the time you get to share with your mom and quilting. I've never seen a heart and home log cabin before. I've had a log cabin on my list for a while, might just have to be this pattern. You know it's a long list though!

  2. Continue to treasure each day you have with your mom....I lost my quiling mother 3 years ago on February 20..and my dad just 6 days earlier on Valentine's Day. I still miss them so much. I have some of Mom's quilts...the rest I divided between my 3 daughters. It's comforting to see them and to use them. Blessings from chilly WV---

  3. Wow you made faster than fast work of her quilt!! She is lucky to have you as a daughter and you are one lucky duck to have her as your mom, she is talented and passed it along to you my friend!! You look a lot like her too:-)

  4. You AND your mom are amazing! How special to get to work with her so closely, and I look forward to seeing your recent finish and how you repair the first quilt she made.

  5. What a wonderful team you two make. I agree with Yvonne-both of you are amazing!

  6. She certainly is! Such a blessing that you have this to share together!

  7. Yes, she is! How wonderful that your brother loves that first quilt so much that he wants it repaired :) I love the picture of you and your mom together.


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