Monday, January 2, 2017

January Decor

Happy New Year!  I had so much fun getting out my winter decorations after putting away my Christmas decorations that I wanted to share.  I love decorating for the seasons, but I can't handle being surrounded by anything that feels like clutter.  Decorating with quilts and a few little things is the best of both worlds for me.

My great room is decorated with blue accents and snowmen.

My blue and gray bunting is proudly hanging from the mantle.

I have a table runner and Solstice quilt on my entertainment center.

My bigger blue table runner is on my kitchen table.

Two more quilts are by my stairs.  A Thimbleberries quilt is on the wall and Blueberry Juice is on the railing.

The upstairs landing also is decorated in blue.

My table runner with wild quilting sits on this bookshelf with daisies in a silver jar from JoAnns.

My Snowball quilt is on the wall and Beach Party is on the sofa.

Quilts with minky are always ready for a snuggle (or a photo bomber).

My formal living room is now decorated in a winter red.  Black and white and red is still one of my favorite color combinations.

I love having Twister Twin next to my black piano.  My red table runner is on the little bookshelf with red daises and a gold jar from JoAnns.

Christmas Addition is folded over a chair.  Chaos Controlled and Rich in Love are on the quilt rack.

One of my new buntings is over the window.

Yes, I was able to finish all of the buntings I wanted.  Here is January through June.

And here is July through December with an extra red bunting.

That makes 14 buntings total (There is also a Christmas bunting with a red binding strip.)  This may be the first in a series of posts on decorating with quilts each month.



  1. I love your blue and snowman theme! Snowmen are so cute and pair so nicely with all your blue quilts. What a wonderful way to decorate after taking down Christmas.

  2. I love the blue them and the buntings add the perfect touch!

  3. Your house looks so festive! About as close to decorating as I get is to pick up some flowers. Your home is so lovely!

  4. I love your ideas for changing quilt, table-runner and bunting accents through the year!!

  5. Wow, that looks wonderful! You have so many neat places to display your quilting. My snowmen stay up till the end of January. I still have to take down Christmas, maybe I'll get a start on it tonight, I don't have too much of it to do. I would like to quilt a couple quilts today.

  6. I love how you decorate for the season using quilts! Your home is just lovely too. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  7. I love the way you use your quilts and runners for decorating. I have a shimmery blue snowman quilt out that my sister gave me. It's so fun to see those soft colors after all the bright lights of Christmas. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  8. I love the way you have little pieces of your quilting everywhere. That is so cool!! Your house is beautiful!

  9. You really have a knack for decorating with quilts, so IMHO, I think this IS the first of a series! Love aqua with navy. And how classy and classic is red white and black against your baby grand...missing my shiny blakc Kawai right about now...

  10. Your home is so stylishly decorated! I hardly ever change for the seasons, aside from bringing out Christmas stuff and then putting the Christmas stuff away again. I'd love to have ideas, so a series would be great!

  11. It's fun to see how others decorate a quilty home. Thanks for sharing!!


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