Quilty Projects

Mini Quilts
(24 x 24 inches or smaller)

Flower Pot

Chaos Mini


Into the Vortex Mini

Over the River

Little Red

Christmas Wreath

Fall Sunshine


Tea Party Mini

Modern Whole Cloth

Good Morning, Doll

Rainbow Scraps

Cheetah's Purple Star

My Yo-yo Mini

Cheetah's Simply Woven Mini

Whole Cloth Heart

Panda's Double 9-Patch

Brownie's Quilt


Lovely Hearts

Summer's Flower


Castle Pillow

For Mrs. Fox

All my bed pillows

C's Northern Wind Pillow 

Panda's Train Pillow 

Panda's Bee Pillow
 (Panda did most of the yarn work)

Monkey's Monkey Pillow 
Niece's Pillow Cases

Minky Pillow Cases

Niece's Pillow Cases

Table Runners

S's Country Rose Table Runner
About 18 x 36 inches

Rosy Red Table Runner
About 16 x 42 inches

A Winter Night Table Runner
About 20.5 x 50 inches

A Winter Day Table Runner
About 18 x 42 inches

Two more Christmas Runners

Disappearing 9 Patch Runner
Flag Runner x 2
Elegant Christmas Runner
Jelly Bean Runner
Tea Party Runner
October/November Runners x 3

Pastel Diamond Runner
Christmas Runner
Hare Runner x 2

Floral Runner x 2
Blue and Yellow Runner
 Valentine Table Runner
Pine Tree Runner x 2
 Navy Star Runner

Table Toppers

Halloween Webs

Flowers and Hearts

Black and White
Star Wars x 2

Quilted Black and White 

 Thomas the Train

Pro-Stitcher Sampler Tote Bag for Me

And for Mom

First Queen Bee Bag

Second Queen Bee Bag

Quilted Purse

Beatle Bag and Sew Together Bag

Soccer Bag

Purple Drawstring Bags

Soccer Bags for Boys

Pink Gift Bags

Drawstring Bags

More Soccer Bags

26 more drawstring bags


Fabric Buckets

Tree Skirt

Hot Pad Set

Dust Cover for Tiara


Striped Blanket for M

Six Baby Blankets

Craft Room Valence

Living Room Valence

Thank you for checking out my quilty projects. 

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