Thursday, December 8, 2022

My Mother's Red Quilts

After my mom finished piecing her second red quilt I brought them home to finish.  I quilted them both on the Bernina Q24 one right after the other.  

I finished the patchwork quilt first.  

It is quilted with spirals and paisleys.  

But there is one heart in the corner.

The backing is an off white minky and the binding is a red star print.

The patchwork quilt is a gift for her best friend.  She knew my mother was sewing again but had no idea what my mom was working on.  

I finished the chunky race quilt second.  My mom is keeping this one.

I quilted it with loops and scattered hearts.

It has the same binding and backing as the first one.

I love that my mom and her best friend will have coordinating quilts!



  1. That is so sweet that your mom and her friend have coordinating quilts. I bet her friend is going to be thrilled with the gift!

  2. Such simple patterns can still make great looking quilts. I am so happy your mom is sewing again!


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