Friday, December 2, 2022

More Studio Changes

Over the last few months there has been a lot of little changes in my quilting studio.  The first change was adding a table in front of my window.  We brought over one of my mom's sewing machines so that she could come and sew with me once a week.  It is a little crowded there, but so worth it!

The next change was replacing my sewing cabinet with a slightly larger one from my mom.  It barely fits on that wall with all the other furniture.  I have to pull out the cutting table if I want to close the top of the cabinet, but I love it.  

About the same time I got the new cabinet my 24 year old PFAFF 7570 died.  I kind of feel like I have lost an old friend.  It developed an electrical short that would speed up the machine randomly.  A new pedal didn't help.  It didn't feel safe to use it any more.  So I pulled out my back up machine.  It is a Bernina 440.  It was also once my mother's.  I bought it when she decided to upgrade to the Bernina 570.  While I miss the built in walking foot from my PFAFF, I am loving sewing with this machine now.  

The next change was removing the rainbow baby gate blocking off the play area.  Miss Kitty is much happier being able to play closer to me.  A happier daughter leads to extra sewing time for me.  She is also old enough to understand not to get into the sewing stuff.  It feels a lot more open without the gate.  

Then my sister asked me if I wanted the Frozen play castle.  After thinking about it for a couple weeks, I decided that it would be a nice addition to the play area.  

This frozen castle was once in my mother's basement.  Then she gave it to one of my sisters.  Once her daughter got to old for it, it was given to another one of my sisters.  Now that her daughter is too old for it my girls get to enjoy it.  

After sewing with my mom for a few weeks she decided to get rid of some of her older projects and some fabric.  She realized that she wouldn't be able to get to them and wanted to work on projects she would enjoy and finish.  This is what I brought home with me.  

I went through it all.  I separated some things to finish for my mom.  I put some things in a pile to donate.  And I piled everything else up nicely.  (My mom is so good to me.)

Then my sweet husband got me a new Kallax and some Drona cubes from Ikea.  Everything is stored neatly in there to avoid a cluttered studio.  

I love having such a versatile sewing space.  


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  1. Your room is so versatile! I'm so glad you aren't afraid to change things up and make it work the best for you. I also love that you are getting a day a week of sewing with your mom. That sounds like something that should be treasured. I hope you remember to get some photographs of the two of you working together. <3


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