Monday, December 5, 2022

Not My UFO--Again

In my Studio Changes post I mentioned that I wanted to finish some of my mom's old projects for her.  I simplified all three of the above quilts in some way to finish them up.  I added a border to a fourth quilt to finish it up.  

This is the first quilt I finished.  My mom made it to celebrate Utah's Centennial.  She had pieced the entire center portion and hand appliqued the side borders. The four corners were supposed to have hand appliqued sego lilies.  She had finished one of the four.  I knew that I would never do the other three.  I simplified it by putting nine patches in the corners.  Then I quilted it by outlining the applique and stippling the rest.  This quilt is about 40 inches square.  

 The Utah Centennial quilt is now hanging in the hallway outside her basement sewing studio.

The second quilt I finished is this northern wind quilt.  My mom, sister-in-law, and I had taken the class for this quilt together.  I finished my quilts, but my mom and sister-in-law just had a handful of blocks.  I took all their blocks, made two more, and pieced this wall hanging together.  I simplified it by not making enough blocks for a bed quilt.  It finishes about 40 inches square.

This quilt is now hanging on the landing of her stairs going to the basement.  

The third quilt I finished is this tulip quilt.  My mom and other members of her stitching group pieced the blocks.  I assembled the quilt top, pulled off the papers, quilted it, and bound it.  I simplified it by once again not making more blocks to make a larger quilt.  It is also about 40 inches square.  

This quilt hangs in the grandchildren's bedroom at her house.  

When I delivered those three quilts I picked up fabric for the backing of a fourth quilt.  My mom had paper pieced this lily quilt when I was a teenager.  I added the dark charcoal border, quilted it, and bound it.  It is about 40 inches wide.  

The backing is a really fun gray that reminds me of a rock garden under water.

It now hangs in her basement studio.  

I am so glad I was able to finish these up for my mom.  Finished (even if simplified) is much better than sitting in a closet forgotten.  



  1. Done is good and displaying them is fantastic, good job! That lily one is my favorite. Is that the end of her UFO's or are you doing more?

  2. What a treat for your mom for you to finish up some of her long term UFOs. All look wonderful, and I love that they are already all hanging on display in her home!

  3. You're so right on your last statement. You're like the quilt fairy that lots of us wish we had, assembling those much-loved-at-the-time projects, now often forgotten, or sitting in a drawer or cupboard somewhere, bringing back a finished product for our walls or laps! :-) Love that backing of the lilies quilt, and I've got a tulips pp one that just needs the hand quilting (ugh) finishing up from about the same year as your mom's...


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