Thursday, October 22, 2020

JoAnn's Garden

A couple years ago my mother gave me a bag of fabrics that had been my sister-in-law JoAnn's.  She died about 15 years ago.  I put it aside and didn't think much about it until recently.  I decided that it would be good to pull it out and make a quilt using my mom's AccuQuilt while it was still at my house.  

I ironed and sorted the fabrics and started cutting 3.5 inch squares.  

I put the squares in stacks of 16 so I would know how many twelve inch blocks I could make.  

There was enough for thirty blocks with a few left over.  I put them up on my design wall in a darkish and lightish checkerboard pattern.  

It didn't seem quite right, so I tried a different layout with the lights in the middle.  

Cheetah liked both the black and white pictures, but not the actual fabrics. (He was home for the weekend for Panda's birthday.) The second layout just didn't seem to work with the colors I had to use.  My sister said to go with the checkerboard layout.  So I pieced thirty sixteen patch blocks.  

By then my boys had started calling this the ugly quilt.  I sent the latest picture to my mom, and she suggested adding sashing and cornerstones.  Cheetah helped me try it out.  

It started looking much better.  My sister suggested using all the same fabric for the cornerstones and matching it to the binding.  I had the perfect fabric which was left over from my wedding quilt from my mom.  

I added some Kona Snow and pieced together what had become a large twin quilt instead of a lap quilt.  

All Bunny was interested in was when could she walk on it.  She loves walking up and down each column, stepping on each block.  

I went shopping through my mom's stash for a backing.  Then was able to load it on the frames.  

I quilted it with a simple stipple because the blocks themselves were so busy.  

The binding looked great with each side.  

There is some fun I Spy which can be played on this quilt.  I used almost every fabric which was in the bag regardless of what was on it.  There was only a few exceptions of fabric which Cheetah absolutely did not like.  They all contained a golden brown color or extra bright colors which didn't go with the rest of the quilt.  Did you notice the whale in the picture above?  How about the ship sailing next to Kitty in the picture below?  

There is also gardening gloves, sewing supplies, birds, vegetables, fruits, and my husband's first name.  

It was so much fun to make because the fabrics brought back so many memories.  There is the same fabric used in my very first quilt block in it from nearly 30 years ago.  One of the fabrics was used in my very first quilt.  

It may not be my style, and my boys may think it is ugly, but I love this quilt!  

At least my girls like it, my husband never criticized it, and it looks pretty on the guest bed.  

It's a keeper.    


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Pinwheel Quilt Top

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was testing out my Mom's Accuquilt.  

I wanted to turn this fabric into pinwheels.  

I cut it into strips parallel to the selvage.  

Then I paired it with Kona White and ran it through the AccuQuilt with the 4.5 inch HST die.  

I was able to cut out enough HST for forty pinwheels with very little waste out of the yard and a half of fabric.  

But I really wanted 42 pinwheels.  I just needed four more squares.  So I sewed the scraps together.  

I ran those through the AccuQuilt with white and got enough HST to complete two more blocks.  

After finishing the four wedding quilts I was in the mood to piece all the pinwheels.  I loved how easy it was to piece them accurately without squaring them up afterwards.  I put all the HST up on the design wall from the darkest blue down to the darkest green.  (The scrappy HST were all mixed in.)

I moved things around for a couple days.  The changes were pretty subtle.  

The HST with yellow made some things a bit difficult.  I changed them around even more when I sewed the HST into pinwheels.  

Then I added white sashing.  I cut 8.5 inch wide WOF strips.  Then I used the 2.5 inch strip die to cross cut the sashing.  I figured if I had it, I might as well try it.  I thought it worked great!  

The pinwheels look different with the sashing.  But I'm so pleased with how it looks with just two fabrics.  

Then all I had to do was add the border, which I cut out a little wider than the sashing.  

I will definitely be making more HST quilts cut out with the AccuQuilt!  

I'm excited to quilt it up, but have had to wait for white batting.  COVID has slowed down many things.  


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Four Patch Quilt Top

I cut this quilt out shortly after cutting out the four wedding quilts. 

It was cut with the 2.5 inch multiple square AccuQuilt die.  It is made from 100% scraps.  

I started sewing the yellow and orange squares to a white square as a leader and ender project while piecing some of the wedding quilts.  But I couldn't wait that long to finish it up, so it took over as the main project after making all the pillows.  

The colored squares were originally five inch squares, so there are two of every single four patch.  I tried something new and swirled my seams on the back.  I quickly learned that you had to be careful how you sewed your pairs together or they could swirl in opposite directions.  I think I only had five which swirled the wrong way.  

After making all the yellow, orange, and red four patches I put them up on the design wall.  

It was so much fun watching the rainbow grow with each color on the design wall.  Pink came next.  

Next came purple.  By the time I got to purple I started putting the lighter four patches towards the center of the rows.  

Then came blue.  

It was followed by teal.  

Last came green and some shuffling to make everything line up correctly.  

I loved how it was looking.  It has fourteen columns across and seventeen rows down.  That is 952 squares sewn into 238 four patches.  

The quilt seemed to shrink a lot when the four patches were sewn into columns.  

Here is the quilt top finished and waiting for white batting. 

 It will have a teal minky on the back.  I can't wait to finish it up.  


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Pillow Time


I recently made these two pillows for my mom.  They were made with the scraps from two turning twenty quilts she made (and I finished) in 2016.  

I cut out the pieces with the 3.5 inch Accuquilt square die.  It is so nice for scraps!  I did pull out four of my own scraps.  Each pillow panel has two each of 24 different fabrics.  Then they have a one inch finished white border to make them 20 x 26 inches.  

I made a pink one to go with the pink bordered quilt.  

I made a purple one to go with the purple bordered quilt.  

Here they are together.

And here are the backs which were made with the leftover border fabric.  

In exchange for the pillows my mom gave me the rest of the leftover fabric and scraps.  It was a win win.  

I also turned two practice blocks from Kitty's pony quilt into a two sided pillow.  

The brown one was the first block Mom made before I asked for My Little Pony inspired colors.  

This gray minky pillowcase was made for Cheetah to take with him to college.   He was excited for a fuzzy pillow to match his dorm room bedding.  

I used my own Minky Pillowcase Tutorial to make it.  

More pillows are on my bucket list.