Thursday, August 6, 2020

Hearts for Kitty

Right after the ultrasound when we found out Kitty would be a girl my husband took me to the quilt shop.  We found this darling pink heart minky on clearance and bought it for our baby girl.  

I planned to use it on the back of a baby quilt.  What could go on the front except more hearts?  I used the nine inch finished heart block from Cluck Cluck Sew because I could use some five inch scrap strips to make some hearts.  

I started with twelve hearts and could either add a border or more blocks to make it big enough.  More blocks won.  I tested out some more colors on the design wall.  

I liked it so I sewed them up.  

I chose an ombre layout and tested it in gray scale. 

Lets just say that there was frequent switching of blocks for a few days.  This is the layout I ended up liking the best.  After awhile I added the one inch finished sashing.  

Then it got loaded on the quilt frames.  I decided on simple stipple quilting, hoping that the hearts on the backing would still show.  

Most of the time I load minky on the frames with the selvages perpendicular to the roller bars.  This time I loaded the minky with the selvages along the bars.  I didn't realize how stretchy this minky was that way, so the edges rippled once I took it off the frames.  

Oh well, Kitty doesn't care.  The hearts made her happy.  (She really does like brightly colored fabric, just like her mama.)

I added a light pink cotton binding (late at night) and called it good enough.  

The hearts are hard to see on the back, but it is my hope that over time the quilting will sink into the plush minky and they will show some more.  

The quilt looks darling in Kitty's mostly pink bedroom.  

I am happy it is done and can be enjoyed by Kitty now.  


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kitty's Pony Quilt

A couple weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of the pony blocks my mom made for Kitty.  Cheetah helped me come up with the layout.  These ponies are an Anita Goodesign embroidery applique.  My mom had made them in traditional horse colors before.  I requested colors inspired by My Little Ponies for Kitty.  My mom had so much fun embroidering the blocks and texting me pictures each time she finished one.  

My mom did the embroidery applique on fourteen inch minky squares, and I squared them up to 13 inches.  Bunny enjoyed helping me by handing me one block at a time to trim.  Pretty soon all twelve blocks were trimmed.  (The Pinkie Pie inspired block is my favorite.)

Then the blocks were pieced together with a half inch seam allowance.  

And a border was added.  

It was loaded on my frames and I quilted it the same way as Bunny's Princess Quilt

I love how the loops fill the space and draw attention to the ponies.  

Once it was quilted I added a dark pink minky binding to finish it off.  

The backing is the same dark pink as the border and binding. 

My mom was very happy with the finished quilt.  

Kitty likes it too.  

We got her all dolled up with her unicorn skirt for the pictures.  Her extra fluffy unicorn from her other grandma also made an appearance.  

I love helping my mom finish her projects, especially when they are for my own family.  ;)


Thursday, July 30, 2020

My Sister’s Fourth Quilt

I recently helped my sister make her fourth quilt.  It is a gift for her daughter.  My Mom had originally picked out the fabrics for one of the Turning Twenty quilts she makes with the granddaughters.  I believe the fabrics are all from the Sundrops line by Corey Yoder. 

Mom gave the quilt kit to my sister and I helped her pick a different pattern.  We chose one with rectangles and squares which would use the fat quarters well.  A friend of mine made a similar quilt, so I did the math and sketched out the quilt.   My sister came over and I helped her cut out the quilt in my kitchen while the kids played.  (Bunny is the quilt inspector in the picture below.)

She sewed all the blocks together at her house and came to mine for help with the borders and backing. 

Then while she was on vacation I loaded it on the frames and quilted it up. 

My niece chose the basic stipple quilting design because she loved it on my Skittles quilt. 

It took a couple days to quilt it for them. 

My sister originally wanted to sew the binding down to the back by hand.  However she is going to be having surgery on her wrist soon.  So she asked me to do it by machine for her. 

My sister and niece were very excited to come home to a finished quilt. 

Now my sister needs to make quilts for all of her boys.  We've already picked out the fabric for her next one.  I love quilting with family. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Skittles Quilt Finished

It turns out that blogging about my Skittles quilt in progress was just the inspiration I needed to finish it.  I got the top pieced in just a couple days. 

Then I bought some minky and loaded it on the frames. 

I quilted it with a simple stipple because I wanted the applique to take center stage and not the quilting. 

I love how quick it is to stipple.  The quilting didn't take very long at all. 

I love the texture on the minky backing as well. 

It got a black and silvery gray polka dot binding because a circle quilt needs more circles, right?

Kitty was the first one to test out the quilt. 

She loved it so much we put it on the floor for her to crawl on a lot.  She sometimes spins around on her tummy to check out all the different fabrics. 

I think this may be my new favorite quilt. 

It is perfect for more snuggles.  At the time I finished this quilt I had no more UFO's or WIP's.  Things have changed a little since then.  I have four nephew wedding quilts to make this year.


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Scrappy Totes

It may have taken a long time, but I was able to turn my scrappy panels into scrappy bags.

The bags were inspired by Amanda Jean's scrappy purse, but pieced using the pattern in Christina Cameli's Scrappy Market Tote class which I watched on Bluprint.  Her class was wonderful. 

I finished the big one first.  It was the size in Christina's pattern.

And the other side.

After awhile I finished the smaller one.  I just altered the size of the panel and straps from Christina's pattern.

And the other side.

Here the cute bags are together.

There is actually a bigger size difference than appears in the photo above.  Here the small one is inside the larger one.

Now they are hanging on the quilt rack by my cutting table waiting to be used.

I love how they turned out, but next time I would use cool colors for one and warm colors for the other.  I think I would like a more limited palette.  I would love to make more bags like these when I have time.