Wednesday, September 28, 2022

My Sister's Seventh Quilt

This quilt looks very familiar to Cheetah's Magic Carpet quilt because it was made with the same fabrics picked out by my sister and my mom.  

My sister took her fabrics and pieced the one for her son at her house.  We tried out the quilt top on Cheetah's bed.  It looks awesome with the pillows I made but is missing some quilting texture.

I quilted it on the Berina Q24 and was grateful I didn't have to baste such a large quilt on the floor again.  

I finished the quilting of open spirals late at night. 

 The next day I trimmed it up and added the black binding by machine.  

The backing is an extra wide purplish black.  My sister loved not having to piece the backing.

I love how it turned out.  

And I love seeing that texture in the afternoon sunlight.


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  1. It's fun that there are "twin quilts" that were made from the same fabrics but arranged a bit differently and quilted differently. :)


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