Friday, September 23, 2022

Projects for the Girls

The girls didn't need new quilts.  They loved their quilts they got for Christmas 2019.  

They are great to play on and have princess tea parties.  

However, they still needed something mommy made just for them.  I decided to use up some minky I bought before Kitty was born.  

Some pink minky became a fuzzy blanket.  

Made just for Kitty.  

Although her favorite blanket is still the double sided hot pink minky.  (Also bought before she was born.  All I had to do was cut it to size and vacuum up the fluff.)

Some purple minky became a pillow case using my minky pillow case tutorial.  

Made just for Bunny and looking darling on her bed.  

Then once the Bernina Q24 came back from being serviced, I decided to quilt a flannel blanket for Kitty.  

The machine worked great!

This little quilt is actually used as a rug in Kitty's bedroom.  It looks so cute on the floor.

The girls' rooms look so beautiful in pink and purple.  It is everything I dreamed of when I thought of having daughters.  

The only problem is that Bunny's favorite color is pink and Kitty's favorite color is definitely orange.  Looks like I need to keep making quilts and other quilty projects for them.



  1. Oh so pretty! How fun to have all these handmade things in their room!

  2. Both girls rooms look so happy, and using a quilt a rug is so fun!


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