Friday, September 30, 2022

Four Camping Quilts

While waiting for the Bernina Q24 to be serviced I decided to piece some camping quilts for the four younger children.  They used some fabrics I bought a few years ago for less than $4 a yard when an online fabric shop was closing.  The prints were all big and busy so I took some inspiration from the Fat Quarter Pile Up quilt (Tutorial found here.) 

The Fat Quarter Pile Up Quilt uses slightly larger rectangles than I did.  I cut out my rectangles 8 inches by 15.5 inches to use my yardage effectively. That way I could also use some different layouts and my quilts finish at 60 inches by 75 inches.  

Each of the kids got to pick their own layout and have at least one different fabric.  

Kitty's quilt followed the layout from the original pattern.  

Her favorite fabric is the bears.  

Bunny's layout is more horizontal bricks.  

Panda's quilt is organized in vertical and horizontal rectangles.  (And has no dog fabric.)

And Monkey's layout is a little more crazy and chaotic.  

All four were quilted on the Bernina Q24 with 90" wide minky backing and a different free motion quilting design.  

They also all have different binding fabrics.  They were sewn to the back and later top stitched on the front.  

Here is Bunny's quilt.

Here is Kitty's Quilt.

Here is Panda's Quilt.

And here is Monkey's quilt.

We keep all four quilts in our fifth wheel and they are used when we go camping.

This was such a fun project.  It felt great to use what I already had.  I only had to purchase the backing fabrics.  


P.S.  Don't worry about Cheetah.  I promised to make him an extra big double sided minky blanket.  


  1. Those look sooooo soft! The quilting is perfect on all of them. Nicely done.

  2. Those are perfect to take camping, and I had a feeling you had something different in mind for Cheetah. :)

  3. Oh I wondered if you were still getting to go camping! The perfect quilts to cuddle up with in the camper.

  4. So happy to see you return to blogging. Also love to see the updates on Cheetah, Panda, Kitty, Monkey and Bunny. Did I miss anyone? Hey, you were gone for 2+ years and so much can happen in that time :-) Wishing you a great week.


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