Saturday, November 26, 2022

Custom Propeller Quilt

This is another quilt I made at the request of my husband's work.  It is for one of their clients who was having their first child.  My original plan was to make a simple half square triangle quilt out of boy colored solids.  Then they found out that the client loves propeller airplanes.  My second plan was to find some propeller airplane fabric and alternate squares of that with hour glass blocks.  Then I remembered a quilt I had seen and loved which Connie from Free-Motion by the River made.  She called it her Pinwheel Batik Baby Quilt and provided a tutorial for an eight inch block.  A similar quilt to hers became my final plan.  

This was my original fabric pull.    

I was going to do eight inch blocks and tested out two different AccuQuilt dies to make part of the pinwheel.  (The grid on my cutting mat is in half inch increments.)

I realized that sewing those pieces to finish at 2 by 4 inches would drive me crazy and quickly changed my plan to be twelve inch blocks.  So much better!

Plus I would only need twelve blocks instead of thirty.  A much better plan.  I just needed to add another red fabric and another blue fabric from my stash to balance it out.  

I made all the big propellers warm colors and the little pinwheels cool colors.  I like how that turned out.  Then I added a three inch border.  

I love how it looks like the propellers and pinwheels are spinning in the sky.  

I quilted it on the Bernina Q24 with spirals to keep the spinning look going.  

I put the binding on later that night.  (I seem to do a lot of bindings late at night because I love finishing quilts.)

This simple baby quilt only took me one day to cut, piece, quilt, and bind.  A couple days later I took photos outside.  

I love a fast finish!

I hope the recipient enjoys lots of baby snuggles until their son is big enough for the quilt.



  1. Making 12 instead of 30 blocks was a really smart choice (and one I would have opted for as well). The swirl quilting sets off the pinwheels perfectly. I'm sure that's going to be a well loved quilt.

  2. I think you pulled that one together quite nicely! Making the blocks bigger was a wise choice;)


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