Monday, November 28, 2022

Peaches and Cream

While this quilt is orange, I made it for me and not Miss Kitty.  But I will share.  It is a fall quilt that I have been wanting to make for years.  The blocks just changed from an hour glass to the 2 by 4 quilt (tutorial here).  This is my third 2 by 4 quilt and probably won't be my last.  I already want to make one that is black and orange with the blocks rotated 90 degrees.  

I call it Peaches and Cream because it is one of my favorite fall treats and it matches the colors.  This is my original fabric pull. I actually cut out the strips at the same time I cut out Kitty's orange and pink quilt.  

 I sewed the strip sets together in the middle of other projects.  My quilt inspector was sleeping and snoring on the job.  

I think she just had to stay so close because I was using orange fabric.  

After I finished the propeller quilt I pulled this out to work on.  I finished it up in just a day.  I really love Saturday quilt days.  

I finished the quilting after the kids were in bed.

But I had to stay up to finish the binding.  

I think the orange stripe binding is my favorite part of the whole quilt! Then next day I put it on my sofa to try it out.

But Kitty was the first one to test it.  

I hope to get some better pictures outside when I can, but the weather and my schedule hasn't cooperated.  

Edited to add: I haven't braved the cold yet, but I did get some pictures in the morning inside my house.  

I think it looks so pretty in the morning light.



  1. I like the little white border on this quilt. It frames the quilt nicely.

  2. The striped binding is perfect, as is the smile of joy, satisfaction, and love on Kitty's face as she test it out. :)

  3. Oh yes I love the striped binding and I love seeing Miss Kitty snuggling with it-so precious!


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